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Wealth Creation

Finding The Right Balance

Find the right balance of lifestyle now, and financial security later. We believe in a combination of deliberate planned saving, and smart investment decisions. There is no silver bullet. We guide your investment decisions to be effective now and in future, to meet your spending goals as they occur.

The starting point is your cashflow and spending. Spend less than you earn, and invest the difference. The best way to do this is to set specific, measurable goals. They provide your incentive to save.

We’ll help you prioritise your spending needs and set your investment strategy to suit. The ownership of investments is just as important as the investments themselves.

Save a little, often. A regular investment plan (RIP) takes advantage of volatility inherent in growth investments, which have always been the best way to build long term wealth. Regular investing removes the risk of investing at the wrong time.

We track your progress over the medium term towards your retirement and other goals. Understanding trade-offs is also important. By reviewing your budget we can help you see what is affordable while still being able to meet your medium term wealth creation goals.

So you can find the right balance of quality of life now, and financial security later on.

Financial Security

Financial Security Is Income Security

Whether you have a family to feed or are retired, you need income for lifestyle essentials. By focusing on guaranteed income, we help clients plan to have enough to live whatever curve balls life may throw.

Lifestyle requirements change, so we help you assess the risk of losing an income, and put in place strategies to replace a wage in the short and medium term. We encourage clients to take on a degree of self-insurance if they can afford to, as this creates the right discipline to get ahead with loan repayments and build a cash buffer.

Your path to financial security can be a lot easier once the kids have left the nest and you’ve cleared your debt. However, when you retire, you’ll need enough money for lifestyle for long enough to manage the longevity risk we now face with increasing life expectancies.

We will help you set up guaranteed income streams for living expenses that are flexible to move with your spending patterns. We like to provide as much certainty for clients as possible, in an uncertain world.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Is All About Risk Management

Our role is to deliver the lifestyle you want today as well as certainty about the future. We help you understand the trade-offs you may need to make to be able to retire comfortably. We believe you can have quality of life now and in retirement, if you are clear on your goals and stick to a plan.

You spend your working life building your retirement pot, and the cusp of retirement is when poor returns can be most damaging. Managing this ‘sequencing risk’, the risk of poor returns when you have the most, is key.

miPlan believes that even in retirement you must still be a growth investor. Because of the longevity risk, and because returns from traditional defensive assets are so low (cash rates etc) we set up an income bucket and a growth bucket for clients.

The income bucket provides certain income for a set period, so that you don’t need to worry about lifestyle expenses. The income bucket also provides a surplus to your living needs, so that you can invest that surplus, into your growth bucket.

The growth bucket is a long term wealth accumulation strategy which will replace the income bucket when needed. This is your risk management plan in essence, as you can benefit from the long term, more volatile returns of growth assets, and not be locked into the low returns of defensive assets.

miPlan Retirement Strategy

Ethical Investing

Learn about miPlan’s ethical investment portfolios.

Investment & Debt Strategies

Investing Goes Hand In Hand With Debt Reduction

While the best time to start investing was 20 years ago the 2nd best time is right now. We will help you understand whether you can afford to invest, or should simply focus on reducing debt.

We work with you to establish debt repayment goals. This is the best way to reduce your risk. We can also guide you to recycle non-deductible (home loan) debt into deductible (investment) debt if that will suit.

We tailor your investment strategy to you. Where money will not be needed for several years we use a ‘growth bucket’. Where money is needed for living expenses you must be conservative with reliable cashflow from an ‘income bucket’. You should always have an emergency cash reserve.

We have engaged InvestSense as our investment experts to provide you with modern, adaptable investment support. InvestSense specialise in portfolios for risk managed growth. We aim for a steady return above inflation and to avoid extreme market downturns.

Part of investing is considering tax and ownership arrangements, and managing liquidity. We work with your tax adviser to find the best mix of investment returns and tax outcomes. While tax is important, the viability of your investment is our main concern.

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