Financial planning is only really appreciated when you witness firsthand the real impact it makes on people’s lives.

Real Life Stories & Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with miPlan.

miPlan Super Savings and Strategy

IT Manager

We have had help from Barney/miPlan since 2012. In that time he has guided us on our super savings and strategy, including analysis of my employer fund compared to alternatives.

We have also had insurance advice and have been very comfortable with the ongoing advice to update our arrangements as our family situation has changed. More recently Barney has helped us with several investment opportunities which have created a tax effective growth bucket for our family.

We regularly touch base to tune up our plan, and we are grateful for the continued thoughtful input from miPlan.

miPlan Testimonials
Brett & Teena

Business Analyst & Management Consultant, McKinnon

We were referred to the miPlan team over seven years ago and so glad we made the switch. The team have been able to offer a whole range of advice and helped us to put in place a financial framework that can easily be adjusted as our needs change in the years to come.

Along with our family insurance needs, they have also advised on Superannuation and other investment options, that they continuously help review to ensure they are aligned to our financial goals.

Their service, knowledge and passion for advice cannot be recommended highly enough.

Jenny Cooper miPlan Testimonial

Secondary Teacher, Geelong West

My dream is to retire by the time I am 60, yet I had no real understanding of what that would look like financially. I have known Barney personally for 27 years and initially I felt uncomfortable asking him if I could talk to him about my finances.

However, there was no need to worry as Barney’s professionalism was outstanding and his ability to understand my needs and look at the bigger picture was not only a relief, but also very informative. Barney introduced me to members of his team who were able to guide, advise and organise strategies and systems that would see my dream of early retirement fulfilled. Barney and the miPlan team guided me through a ‘Transition to Retirement Plan’ which would create an investment plan for the next three to four years.

I am grateful for their guidance as I have a limited understanding of the stock market and types of investments that would benefit my retirement. In a short period of time, I had moved my superannuation to a fund that better suited my needs, rearranged some shares and changed my home loan to a much better rate.

I am confident that my retirement plans will come to fruition as planned and that my financial future in secure in the hands of Barney at miPlan.

Our Financial Planning Experiance with miPlan
Brad & Cynthia

Business Owners, Newtown

We have been clients of miPlan for many years now and our needs over the years have been quite varied. They have advised us on a range of insurances for ourselves and our children, superannuation including an SMSF and various investment structures.

In addition to the valuable advice they have also provided significant support and been extremely responsive when it came to insurance claim time, always genuinely having our best interests at heart.

They made it their business to take the pressure off when needed and make things seems easy when we were drowning in paperwork. Could not recommend the team highly enough. Their service, ethics and knowledge is so refreshing and a welcome change.

miPlan Testimonial
Lauren & Graeme

HR Manager & Engineer, Geelong West

We first met Barney in June 2013. At this time, we were exploring investment options, and wanted to ensure that we had the right level of insurance in place. Over this time, our financial situation has changed with postgraduate study, the arrival of our son and part time work.

So far, Barney has helped us to achieve our goals of having the right level of insurance, superannuation funds that will meet our future needs, pay off our home loan and ensure that our investment options are strongly aligned with our values. We continue to revisit our financial situation on a regular basis with Barney.

Barney takes an interest in what’s important to us, and tailors his advice accordingly. He approaches meetings with us with a plan, and has always done research before meeting with us. Barney saves us from having to wade through copious amounts of financial information and makes the complicated simple by providing us with the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

miPlan Testimonials
Peter & Helen

Retired Civil Servant & Teacher, St Leonards

In 2011 having both retired from full time work, in central Victoria, we made the sea change to the Bellarine Peninsula. Experience with previous financial advisors had given us very little real knowledge of the options for creating and maintaining a financially secure future.

With Barney as our mentor and advisor we have gained a greater understanding of the possibilities and complexities of tailoring a financial plan best matched to our needs and lifestyle.

Nothing is too much trouble for Barney, he is always quick to respond to any query we have, no matter how trivial it may be. He is genuinely interested in our wellbeing and activities/plans, never encouraging us to make a monetary decision, without thorough research of the options and their possible consequences.

Experiance with miPlan Financial Planning
Annette & Warren

Retired Salvation Army Employees, Armstrong Creek

When we first met Barney, we weren’t sure about what we needed to do with our finances. We had limited financial awareness, weren’t confident with technology and no idea how to be ready to retire. Eight years later we are both just retired and through working with Barney over the years are now confident that our retirement needs are catered for.

We always found Barney to be honest about our position and always felt listened to. We never felt pressured into taking unnecessary risk with our investments. Options were always provided and the decision was ours.

Thanks Barney and miPlan for your assistance in meeting our financial goals! Now we’re going to spend it!

miPlan Testimonial
Michael & Vicki

Mould Shop Coordinator & Cleaner, Corio

After an 8 year relationship with Barney Ellis and miPlan I am planning to retire next year. The advice and guidance that my wife and I have been given over this period has been invaluable not only in building a portfolio but understanding where our money is and how it is working for us.

I have worked for the last 49 years and was made redundant from my last job after 25 years’ service. I was fortunate to get another job (age 57) 3 months later and made the most of it. Under instruction from Barney I began transition to retirement and salary sacrifice as well as putting any extra cash into super, this has been instrumental in getting us to where we are now.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with the miPlan family and I am confident that the future will be bright for all of us.

Why miPlan for Financial Planning

Primary Teacher, Trafalgar

I started contemplating a more definite ‘direction’ for my financial future about 10 years ago. Working in a profession, I was certainly increasing my salary sacrificing and contributing to my Super fund as much as I was able. Apart from that, I had no specific ‘plan’ for my financial future moving towards retirement.

Ten years ago, the MiPlan team guided me through a ‘Transition to Retirement Plan’ which would create an investment plan for the next ten years. I am certainly not a person who studies or understands the stock market and types of investments that would reap the most benefit; however, I knew the MiPlan guys definitely knew this field and could guide me through a suitable plan for me, utilising their expertise. I took the plunge!

They created an investment plan for my Super and ensured that my salary sacrifice plan continued and that all possible advantages with investment and tax could be utilised. Over the years, this strategy has developed and expanded with my investments growing in a ‘protected market’ with the best possible outcome. My story has been one of financial growth. Included in my investment plan is also a ‘savings plan’ with a set amount allocated to a savings fund each month so that, as I retire, my habit of saving continues.

Sure, there have been global market crashes over the time with a few dips and slides; however, under the guidance of the MiPlan team, my investments grow and exceed my expectations.

As I have gradually decreased my days of work, my financial future is secure, guided and safe. All I am required to do is decided where in the world my next holiday will be!

Affordability Through Technology

miPlan uses cutting-edge business processes and systems that help us operate efficiently, keeping costs down. As a result, we can offer affordable financial advice for the average Australian.