Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is most people’s goal in life. After all its hard to have a quality of life without personal financial resources to spend.

There is no silver bullet however. A combination of thrift, deliberate saving and smart investment decisions is required.

We help you have the discipline to pay yourself first, commit to saving at least part of all future windfalls or pay rises, and help you understand investment strategies and structures to make it happen more efficiently.

Effectively there are 8 financial planning levers you can pull:

  1. Active income – what you can earn from your endeavours
  2. Passive income – what you can earn without working, either from business that need little attention, or from investments
  3. Capital gains – investing in assets that will rise in value and can be sold for a profit
  4. Personal spending – spend less than you earn. Simple, but hard for so many people
  5. Tax – don’t pay more than you have to. are you maximising your deductions?
  6. Leverage – by using other people’s money to invest you can double up your wins, and also double down your losses
  7. Risk – what risk management strategies do you have in place for you, your family and your business? No point building an investment portfolio that needs to be fire sold because you are too sick to work
  8. Structures – related to tax. Have you considered all investment ownership options?