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What else can you do in 4 Minutes?

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  1. Make yourself a cup of something caffeinated for breakfast.
  2. Change a nappy – again.
  3. Reheat the cup of tea/coffee in the microwave that you made earlier.
  4. Avoid a call on the home phone and your mobile from your mother-in-law……and the home phone again.
  5. Update your Facebook profile to remind everyone that only you have the most amazing/funny/smart/gorgeous child.
  6. Download an App for the kids so that you can try on some clothes in a shop.
  7. Check the cupboards to see if you can make a nutricious, family-friendly, MasterChef style dinner that will make your husband think he’s married a domestic goddess.
  8. Go to and get a life insurance quote.
  9. Put the TV on for the kids and drink a glass of wine while you burn dinner.
  10. Check the freezer for leftovers or call your husband to pick up take-away for dinner.

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