Real Life Stories

Life insurance is only really appreciated when you witness first hand the real impact it makes on peoples lives. The following true stories, told by the people who lived them, demonstrate how important it is to make sure you and your family are adequately protected.

Simon’s Story

As a fit and active 39-year old, Simon had no reason to suspect that he may be a heart attack risk. But what he didn’t know was that he suffered from a hereditary heart condition – one that would cause him to suffer a heart attack while jogging. Thankfully for Simon and his family, his Trauma Insurance benefit was there to take the financial pressure off.

Leonie Havnen

Leonie Havnen shares her story about her battle with breast cancer. Thankfully she survived, but in the process suffered severe financial hardship and had to use retirement funds from her superannuation to pay the $40,000+ that was not covered by Medicare and private health insurance. Trauma insurance (also known as critical illness insurance) would have protected Leonie and the many others like her who suffer cancer, stroke, heart attack and approximately 40 other conditions.

John Provan

John Provan is a self-employed builder. Just prior to retirement, John was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully, he had previously taken out a Trauma Insurance (Critical Illness) policy. which meant that he could get the best medical help without being financially burdened.

Andreas Palmer

Andreas Palmer from Lion Earth Works, discusses the hardship faced after sustaining a serious injury while on the job at his excavation business. As well as the 5 years of intense physical therapy, his recovery was made all the more difficult by the added financial burdens that could have been avoided with income protection insurance. Thankfully Andreas managed to pull through and, although still behind where he might have been, considers himself wiser for the experience. Andreas now has personal and business insurance in place to protect himself, his family and his employees.

John Maher

At age 42, John Maher, himself a successful life insurance adviser, was in a major car accident. As a result of the severe injuries sustained, John was forced to stop working. Thankfully John had income protection which enabled him to focus on his physical and emotional recovery, without the added stress of financial hardship.

Frank and Laura Ames

After the birth of their children, Frank and Laura knew they needed life insurance. Due to health reasons, Frank was only able to qualify for a small policy, but Laura was able to obtain the full amount of cover. Despite her seemingly good health, it was Laura who was diagnosed with cancer soon after obtaining the policy. Laura passed away a few years later, but thanks to the life insurance policy, Frank has the financial security to care for the children.

Mark and Melissa Wandall

Being a financial services professional, Mark Wandall understood the importance of insurance and the need to protect himself and his wife, Melissa. Sadly, at age 30, Mark was killed in an auto accident by someone who ran a red light. The life insurance has allowed Melissa to remain in their home and be a full-time mom to their daughter, who was born two weeks after the accident. Melissa has kept Mark’s spirit alive by creating two important causes, The Mark Wandall Foundation that raises money for worthy causes in her community and the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act that, if enacted, would stiffen criminal penalties for red-light running in Florida.

Tara Newby

Preston lost his life helping an accident victim. Farmers helped keep this family tragedy from becoming a financial one as well. Hear Tara Newby describe her tragic experience and how her agent helped her family prepare for the unexpected.