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Life insurance companies excluding cycling

In my spare time, i.e. when I’m not balancing family responsibilities with time spent on the road or TT bike, I’m a financial adviser at miPlan; helping my clients protect their lifestyle and build wealth for the future. During a recent insurance application for a client, who also happens to be an avid cyclist, I discovered a change in the way insurance companies are treating cyclists and triathletes, that should concern you.

Super Changes in the Budget

The government has announced major changes to superannuation in the budget this week. For a full summary click here. Note these have yet to be legislated, so we’ll have to wait to see what the senate will think of ScoMo’s ideas. You can see where the government is coming from.

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Investing in a volatile market

A down market has a silver lining! It’s hard not to become nervous investing in a volatile market especially when your investments drop dramatically in a short time. Investing in shares is a rollercoaster! Fact. These are only paper losses until you sell. Are your investments any less valuable today than yesterday

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Centrelink Age Pension Changes Seminar

RSVP Form I would like to learn more about the recent Centrelink Age Pension changes and how they will impact my retirement.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance pays a lump sum benefit in the event of serious illness (e.g. cancer, stroke, heart attack) or injury (e.g. severe burns, head or spinal injury) and is generally available as an add-on to most life insurance policies. Alternatively you can also obtain a standalone Trauma Insurance policy. A

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