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Life insurance companies excluding cycling

In my spare time, i.e. when I’m not balancing family responsibilities with time spent on the road or TT bike, I’m a financial adviser at miPlan; helping my clients protect their lifestyle and build wealth for the future. During a recent insurance application for a client, who also happens to be an avid cyclist, I discovered a change in the way insurance companies are treating cyclists and triathletes, that should concern you.

Super Changes in the Budget

The government has announced major changes to superannuation in the budget this week. For a full summary click here. Note these have yet to be legislated, so we’ll have to wait to see what the senate will think of ScoMo’s ideas. You can see where the government is coming from.

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Investing in a volatile market

A down market has a silver lining! It’s hard not to become nervous investing in a volatile market especially when your investments drop dramatically in a short time. Investing in shares is a rollercoaster! Fact. These are only paper losses until you sell. Are your investments any less valuable today than yesterday

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Centrelink Age Pension Changes Seminar

RSVP Form I would like to learn more about the recent Centrelink Age Pension changes and how they will impact my retirement.

Life Insurance and Longevity Risk

The long-established pension age of 65 will be only a memory within the next century, experts say, with Australians expected to be working well into their 90s by 2100. Melinda Howes, chief executive of the Actuaries Institute, predicts that Australians who are now 65 will live until they are 86

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Demystifying income protection insurance

Unfortunately very few Australians have sufficient, if any, income protection insurance. The primary reason for this is that income protection tends to be confusing and people are hesitant to purchase something if they don’t understand the benefits. This latest post attempts to demystify Income Protection insurance and explain why, in

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Australians don’t trust life insurance companies and find life insurance confusing

According to a new study by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and BT, Australians don’t trust life insurance companies. The study suggests the primary reason for this lack of trust is because Australians find Life Insurance too confusing The report, based on research by the Beddoes Institute, did in-depth

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Why vegetarians are more likely to get cheap life insurance

Do Vegetrians Live Longer? Apparently so, which indicates they’re also more likely to be eligible for cheap life insurance. It’s not just a myth, according to researchers: Those who follow a vegetarian diet have a lower risk of death from cancer or heart disease. In a study of 73,308 Seventh-day

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Get Active! Get Life Insurance Savings

Sometimes it’s hard to stay active during the cold winter months, but have you ever considered that keeping fit and healthy can lead to more affordable life insurance? When the outside temperature plummets, a lot of us have a tendency to hibernate. It’s common to seek comfort in food, sleep

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Affordable life insurance for single parents

As parents, we all do our best to ensure not only that our children’s basic needs are covered, but also that our children are given every opportunity to maximize their future potential. With three children of my own, I know the responsibility of parenting is daunting enough when you have

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