About miPlan

The miPlan brand began life as an online life insurance business. Stephen created it specifically to modernise the traditional insurance sales process, using his experience as a financial adviser and software developer.

In January 2014 Barney joined Stephen to form miPlan Advisory, a full service financial advice business, with a focus on income security and risk management.

Later that year Endre joined the business and Sara followed in 2015.

The business now offers customised planning solutions for families, small business and retirees.

Our particular niche is tailored protection plans for young families, succession planning and key person risk for business, and lifestyle certainty in retirement.

Online Life Insurance Quotes

When launched miPlan was the first financial planning company in Australia to offer clients the ability to compare life insurance quotes and complete the life insurance application process, directly online.

Financial Advice – Geelong & Beyond

miPlan’s primary Financial Planning office is located in Geelong, but our FUTURE based approach to Financial Planning enables us to provide full service advice to clients all over Australia.