Unexpected Death Campaign

So ... you've landed here out of curiosity, or maybe you have seen a crime scene on the streets with a BEAR in handcuffs, or perhaps your friend urged you to watch the videos. Nonetheless, you have made it to the right place, so welcome!

Right in the middle of the word LIFE, there is a big IF.

What if I got fired?
What if I have an accident?
What if I’m no longer around?

Life is full of uncertainty and risk and that is why we plan head and have savings for a rainy day. But what if that is not enough?

MiPlan Life Insurance provides you with the peace of mind you need and in just ten minutes that big IF will no longer be.


MiPlan offers you the right amount of protection and will support you and the ones you care about if the unexpected happens.

Plan ahead and Plan smart.

Life Insurance. Because Sh*t Happens!